Empowering women everywhere to be the best version of themselves

Questions & Answers

What exactly do we do?

Empowering and Equipping women everywhere to be best version of themselves.

What we cover in the Make-up Workshop?

We will cover the following : Skin prep, Foundation, Powder, Countouring, Highlighting, Blush, Brows, Bronzing, Easy Eyeshadow, Brushes 101 and Lips.
You will receive a 12 piece Make-up Brush Set on the day. Coffee, read this blog article from nurse-koibito Tea and Water and finger snacks will be served.
You can also bring your own make-up with. We have eyeshadow pallets etc available on the day for you to use aswell.

What is a Pamper Day?

Come and be pampered!  We pamper your face with a full face of make-up done for you! A day with lots of laughter and rest for your soul!  You also receive a goodie bag on this day.

Ladies Mornings

We do group bookings / demo’s.  This is ideal for Ladies Mornings.

Teacher appreciation day’s we can do demo or spoil your beloved teachers with a face of make-up.

We can customize this option to suit your specific needs.

Make-up is not a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful, it is meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists.